Monday, January 22, 2007

Family Foto Fun Challenge #15... Shoes!

My friend Donna at has continued her Family Fun Foto Challenge, with a new topic every week. I haven't participated in a while (although I read her blog faithfully!) but I think I have a great picture for this week's topic of SHOES! Lots of other folks have posted pictures of their daughters' adorable shoes, but I'm taking a different track on this one.

Here is Gwen trying diligently to put a couple of different pairs of shoes onto her friend Kate's feet. Patient Kate sat through these repeated attempts very graciously!


Donna said...

Too cute! These girls are just precious! :)


Tracy said...

A girl after my own heart

Laina&laura said...

LOVE love love the dotty Hannah dress, I was **this** close to getting that one for Laina. oh yeah...and the shoes...:)