Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Morning in Shanghai

This afternoon we head to the US for Christmas!  Can't wait... looks like there is even snow in the forecast!  This morning we had our own family celebration together, kind of a tradition now to celebrate in our Shanghai home, to have a "Christmas morning" a week or so before the calendar says December 25.  We started out with the girls taking turns reading the Christmas story from Luke.

 Madelyn found this mini MacBook Air for her tech-y brother Seth... really a little mirror.  :-)
Madelyn's creative gift certificate for her other brother... can you tell what it is from the graphics?  Took him a few minutes to figure out!

 "I Love Shanghai" shirt from my guys... love these two guys!
 Caleb found this phone holder that makes the phone look like the bag car phone Scott had twenty years ago... are we really that old?!
 Letter jacket!  Seth turns 15 in a week... and graduates in 2015.

Mosaic lamp... I took a class in September to learn how to do this... been saving it for Madelyn since then. 
Last was a bone for Trigger... she's been gnawing on it since she opened it.  Should keep her busy while we're away!
We're on our way to you, dear ones.  Can't wait to see you all.  :-)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gotcha Day, Then and Now

Our first moments with Gwen, six years ago!
Reminiscing a little today... remembering the day in December 2005 when Gwen first toddled into our lives in her squeaky panda shoes and we could finally say, "Now we are six!"  We enjoyed watching video of the day we met Gwen in the civil affairs office in Chengdu, and the happy days we spent in China after that with the rest of our adoption travel group.  We all giggled at how cute and funny Gwen was then!  Can't believe how tall and beautiful she has grown to be.  We made this "G" cookie for both Gwen and Gotcha!  
We also read Gwen's adoption/life book today, and she asked to take it to school to share with her class.  When I emailed her teacher about it, she was really positive and said they will certainly make time to read it tomorrow with the class.  She also mentioned to me that she has overheard Gwen talking about being adopted several times this school year.  So glad she is feeling positive and wanting to share her story!