Saturday, April 29, 2006

Pretty in Pink

Can it get any better than a beautiful girl in the flowers?

On the Leash

Just so you know, I didn't let this go on very long! Madelyn had just gotten this collar and leash for her stuffed dog the day before... apparently she thought Gwen made a better pet because she would actually walk along with her! I looked out the front door to discover this scene... Gwen, still in her pajamas, happily being "walked" by her big sister. When I addressed Madelyn about it, she said, "But Mom, the collar fits her perfectly!" And of course Gwen did seem to be enjoying herself...

Thursday, April 27, 2006


I painted Gwen's toenails for the first time today... you know us in the midwest, we're just coming into barefoot weather. She watched me paint Madelyn's first, and was quite interested. Madelyn had chosen a silvery blue, a color I've had for years and love on my own toes in summer. She picked it because she was wearing a blue dress today. :-) Gwen's turn was next, and we picked light pink for her. She sat on my lap while I painted her toes, and wiggled only a little. Her feet were already dusty black on the bottom from going barefoot on our blacktop driveway, but once the toenails were painted, she was hooked. All day long she held her little foot out to show whomever would look and said, "Pitty, pitty."

Girls know a good thing when they see it. And what girl doesn't like painted toenails in barefoot weather?!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Girls in the Woods

We had just a beautiful walk in the woods on Monday. We almost didn't go, because the next day was my birthday, and I thought maybe we should "save" the walk for a birthday activity. I'm glad we didn't... Tuesday was rainy and about 30 degrees colder than Monday's idyllic temperatures. But Monday... ahhh. It was a perfect day for such an outing. We went to Lake Patterson, a favorite haunt that is just down the road from our house. There is a lake there (obviously!) with a walking/biking trail around it, and paths through the woods, and a really big hill that is fun to climb up to the top of. There is a big rock at the top of the hill... a great place to sit on and enjoy the view. Here is Gwen doing just that. I love that profile! We realized as we were pulling into the parking area, that the last time we had been to to top of the hill we didn't yet have Gwen. In fact, the last time we had climbed the hill was early last fall, before we even had her referral. We had brought breakfast to the park, and had our devotions... and prayed for Gwen, when we didn't yet know who she was.

The boys brought their fishing rods on Monday and spent the whole time at the lake trying to reel in a fish... that's why I don't have pictures of them with us in the woods! The girls and I climbed the hill and the rock, then walked into the woods. It was like a fairy land! Violets, little striped spring beauties, jack-in-the-pulpit, and may apples looking like elfin umbrellas, were all waiting there to greet us. The tree leaves are still small, so the woods was almost sunny with all the light that came through. We had such a lovely time exploring. Woods in spring always take me back to 1816 Westhill Blvd, to the house where I grew up, because of the woods beyond the back lawn there. All these same spring plants at Lake Patterson were there in my childhood woods, too. It was so lovely to be able to share them with Madelyn and Gwen.

Here's a flower I didn't recognize... maybe in the trillium family. Anyone know what this is?

Madelyn hides under her may apple umbrella!
Do we have to go, Mom?

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Mom's Birthday

There was a small fire in the kitchen tonight, when my boys decided to try to put thirty-seven candles into one piece of lemon pie.

The result was rather inedible. I guess it's the thought that counts! Thanks, guys! I think I'm getting too old for candles...

Monday, April 24, 2006

First Ice Cream Cone

After she got over the initial brain-freezing shock of the temperature of this treat, Gwen began to relish it.

Wow... this is really yummy!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Kids and Tulips and Dad...

...what a great combination!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

My haircut is SO CUTE...

... can you tell I like it?!

Friday, April 21, 2006


The first sentence... it's a really big deal.

It came out of the blue tonight, after a day of a number of pretty clearly (I use clearly rather broadly) spoken words. Gwen has been using quite a few words for a while now, but they are all extremely "mushy" and the untrained ear probably wouldn't catch most of them.

But tonight's three connected words were clearly spoken. Seth, Madelyn, Gwen and I were making s'mores at the the kitchen table, roasting the marshmallows over a can of sterno under a little grating. We had the graham crackers out, and the bag of marshmallows, and a ziploc of chocolate chips. I had been giving Gwen little bits of things here and there, a piece of cracker, a few chocolate chips. I got up to get us all some milk, and she turned around toward me and said, "Mommy, more cracker." I whooped and yelled to the other two... "Did you hear that? She said a whole sentence!!" Gwen caught my excitement and her face broke into a big grin.

Never mind that she actually was asking for more chocolate chips. :-)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Egg hunt at Pa and Nanny's house... Caleb shows Gwen the ropes.
Girl cousins display their findings!
Gwen and Daddy check out the eggs in her basket.Cousin Caden checks the contents of Gwen's basket.
The Liptaks, after church on Easter Sunday. Thank you, Jesus, for Your sacrifice for us, and for the new life You offer us through Your resurrection!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Things To Do On A Trip

When you're on a long car trip... like perhaps driving to or from Cleveland for Easter, you have to be creative to keep yourself entertained. Here are Gwen's top picks:

Pulling your socks off with your teeth
Holding said socks in your mouth
Putting smiley face stickers on your legs
Sticking a carrot in between your toes while chewing another carrot
Displaying said carrot for other people in the car to admire
If all else fails to amuse, watch your big brother blow bubbles!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Girls of Spring

The girls and I spent a wonderful hour at the Riverwalk on Wednesday... seemed like the first authentic spring day, with flowers blooming and tiny leaves sprouted out, looking like green lace.

Gwen was facinated by the squirrel who scurried in and out of the hyacinths and then darted away. We followed him as long as we could!

Both girls enjoyed the mallards and the Canadian geese. Some were in the river, but it seemed like an unusual amount of them were walking or sitting around on the bank... perhaps looking for a nesting place?
My favorite part of the outing was taking pictures of the girls in the daffodils!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Four months ago today...

... this little girl walked into our hearts. Can't imagine life without her!
December 12, 2005~ Our first look at each other!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Morning Activities

I start the morning off with a snuggle in Madelyn's bed.
After getting myself ready for the day, I need to take care of my baby. First, I brush her teeth. Open up!
Come on, keep your mouth open, Baby.
Ta-da! Teeth are done. Now for the contacts... whatever they are.
Now for some stretching... I am especially good at pointing my toes! Watch me, Baby.
Now I will give this girl a drink.
Are you okay, Baby? Did you get too much?
I don't know what is wrong with this baby...
Maybe she just needs a little more water.
Finally we can get to storytime~ just how I like it, in a box. Listen up, Baby!
Good... that babydoll is quiet, I can relax with my book.