Sunday, November 25, 2012

Now and Then

Last Wednesday Caleb and Scott and I re-enacted an old photo..

Dial back 18 years to Thanksgiving 1994.  We were visiting our dear friends Bill and Rebecca in Durham, NC for the first time.  They moved there from Pittsburgh for Bill to attend Duke University just days before Caleb's birth, and we couldn't wait to see them in their new home.  One of our activities that weekend was to explore the beautiful gardens on the Duke campus.  They snapped this picture of the three of us, and we used it as our Christmas card photo that year.
Well, my sister and her family moved to their new home in Durham, NC this past year. We were excited to go to their house for Thanksgiving this year to see them in their new environment.  One of our weekend activities was to stroll through Duke Gardens (and have a lively photo scavenger hunt there, too).  We found what may have been the same tree where we posed for a photo with Baby Caleb 18 years ago... had to try it again. 
Obviously Caleb has grown... but I think Scott and I look about the same, don't you?  Please, say yes. 


Hazel's mom said...

Of coure you look the same! That was right after we visited that fall, and the Cleveland crew was so nice to come over to see us (well, and Caleb, I'm sure). 'Twas not so long ago. Love the photo of Gwen in the hall, btw!

J, H, A, M and O said...

Such sweet photos of then and now. I bet it doesn't feel like that much time has actually gone by. You both look great.

Jason and Lisa said...

How neat! I bet you did not imagine what things would come from between the meeting of the first tree to this second meeting. Hopefully your prayers of the man your son would be are unfolding. I actually think you and Scott look more in style now than then, so therefore look younger.

Rebecca said...

If by "the same" you mean that you still look like two of my favorite people in the whole world, then Yes. You look the same. Except that I know you even more now, so you look even better.

Mark said...

Wow,how can I follow Rebecca's comment with anything more appropriate and complimentary... What she said! I love those picture comparisons, you should have had Caleb holding you Lynne!