Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall and Family

Yep, I'm taking the easy way out and making one post out of the last few months.  Some eye candy pics of autumn in the Midwest, lots of pictures of cute kids (cousin visits are the best!), with a few dog pictures thrown in for fun.  Enjoy!

Last garden harvest... love the colors.
Miss Adelaide, playing on the same elephant slide at our church nursery this morning that Gwen used to love.  :-)
We spied these pumpkin stacks at a fall festival... so clever.  I'd like them all for my yard!
 Out for brunch with Pa and Nannie, Aunt Sarah and Adelaide.

 Smiles with sucker sticks... where is yours, Aunt Sarah?
 Look who's in charge.  :-)

 We had so much fun with all these girls in the house!  Cousin visits, so fun!
 Yep, this was at the very beginning of fall- marshmallows on Grandpa and Grandma's patio.

 Meeting new cousin Zion for the first time.
Gwen and Caleb roasted marshmallows over the stove a few weeks ago- not quite the same as a campfire, but it's still sugar.
 Trigger loves a good ramble almost as much as I do!

 Trig gets so much attention when there are girls around!  Thanks for the cuddle, Maggi.
Classic Madelyn look, she's always got to shake up the group picture scene!  Cal's friend Parker has been here with him for the weekend a couple times, love having my kids' friends around.

 Another Zion meeting...
 Ahhh... missed the maples so much while we were in Shanghai.  So beautiful!

 Cute girlies!
 Loving the leaves... and I love having my kids enjoying them with me!
A little fall overview... can I consider myself caught up on blogging, sis?  :-)


Sarah Jane said...

Well done. Great pictures. Feels good, doesn't it?

Rebecca said...

Love all the pictures! Thank you for posting. I had missed it, too. :)

Anonymous said...

what great pictures!